Leading accounting services in Adelaide

At SETA, there is over 30 years experience providing Adelaide with specialised taxation and accounting services. This has helped businesses and families grow and protect their wealth through sound financial and taxation advice and strategies. SETA assists you with preparing and understanding the range of tax and other obligations applicable to your circumstances so you make the most out of your hard-earned cash. Let SETA help you, your business and your family grow and protect your wealth for long-term benefits.


SETA is committed to providing high quality services to business owners and individuals. SETA offers a range of services and strategies to enhance business profits, protect your family’s assets, minimise taxation, reduce financial pressure and stress and accumulate wealth so you can spend your money on things you want to. SETA offer asset protection strategies, business growth strategies, taxation advice and tax preparation services to minimise the money you spend on tax and unanticipated tax obligations.

Our commitment

SETA understands that staying on top of your finances can be a challenging and overwhelming task. Understanding the range of cash movements within your accounts can be time consuming and draining combined with your other commitments. When you work with SETA, our experienced people examine your financial situation regularly to advise you of any required action when you or your business needs it – not just when you ask for it. SETA iscommitted to helping you grow your wealth for long-term financial success.

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