Adelaide’s leading estate service

SETA offers a unique range of estate services for executors and legal practitioners. SETA specialises in offering advice and accounting solutions for estate planning, deceased estates and testamentary trusts. Steve Thiele,Managing Director is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, an international body that specialises in this complex area, and offers over 30 years experience and knowledge in estate taxation.

For executors

SETA specialises in preparing income tax returns and providing tax advice to executors of deceased estates. Services include preparing and lodging the deceased’s final income tax return and obtaining tax history so you are aware of the deceased’s entitlements or payment obligations. SETA also assists with accounting and taxation procedures for ongoing estates and  testamentary trusts.

For legal practitioners

SETA provides a full range of services to legal practitioners from tax returns and tax planning to accounting and taxation for ongoing testamentary trusts. SETA can provide ‘what-if’ scenarios for capital gains tax and always seeks to maximise financial resources available to beneficiaries.  SETA can assist in all accounting and taxation aspects of deceased estate management, and providing legal advisers with the correct tax advice. Steve Thiele, Managing Director is an active member of STEP in SA since 2012, who has built an in-depth knowledge of the complexities that arise in the taxation of deceased estates and testamentary trusts.

If you require accounting and/or taxation services for a deceased estate call SETA on 0412 195 634.